freelance graphic artist by day ...and night.

born/raised/living in the beautiful state of montana.
art.  fashion.  halloween.
camping.  4-wheeling.  collecting rocks.  decorating for christmas.
watching the sunset and posting pictures of it nonstop on social media.

i love
my miniature schnauzers: pistol annie and comanche sue.
animals.  my yellow jeep wrangler.  wildflowers.  the sky.  
boots.  hats.  southwestern jewelry.  art supplies.  coffee.

I enjoy many different art mediums, but I am currently focusing on digitizing my drawings.  I draw on a bright white sketch pad with my favorite Sharpie retractable ultra fine point marker and then I import my drawing into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to fine-tune and colorize it for the final product.
thanks for stopping by!

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